Do You Need An e Commerce Website?




   For many businesses, an on line shop or e commerce website is simply an extension of your existing business into the ever-increasingly popular, World of on line shopping. Apart from capturing new clients and untapped sources of revenue, a professional e Commerce shopping cart allows your clients to browse your catalog of products or services on line, and purchase them at a time and in a way that is convenient to them.

An e Commerce website allows your clients to immediately proceed to the checkout and process the transaction for the contents of their shopping cart through your on line store & payment gateway, meaning funds from the e commerce sale are immediately deposited into your bank account. Then you can rapidly dispatch the order to the client as per your normal processes.


What An e Commerce Website Can Do For You

Faster access to funds for you which is direct from the customer to you. A fast and smooth purchasing experience for visitors. A way to reach a much larger audience for your products. Ultimately this provides more leads, more inquiries and more sales - increasing your bottom line profits!

 You will need to have all of your financial information for your business ready to go and set up  before we can complete your store. You will need to get a PayPal account and set everything up, so you can accept payments . We will install the code and set up everything for you but we do not want to know your personal banking information.


What Do, We Do?

We will build you an e commerce website customized to suit your specific needs and requirements in both look and feel, and functionality of your on line

  e commerce store. We put together a complete e commerce solution with a custom design and a powerful set of tools in the back end of your on line store allowing you to easily manage high volumes of order and provide customers with a positive experience of dealing with your firm on-line.

Cybernetics Designs can assist with input of products, images, prices and other into your e commerce website & ensure your on line store is optimized for Google and the popular search engines. This last step of ensuring your rank well on Google is often overlooked by e Commerce suppliers, and is vital to ensure exposure and more sales.

We have many years experience building and whether you are looking at developing an e commerce website for a small, medium or large business, if you want a professional e commerce website then contact us today and we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Contact us for a FREE consultation to discuss how an e commerce website can work for you! If you want to sell products then e commerce is for you.